Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wine, a Girl's Best Friend...

Today is my BFF Kathy's Birthday.  We first met at a Squadron BBQ in Colorado back in 1997.  We've pretty much been the bestest of friends since.  Kathy has a love for Wine.  She use to be apart of a Wine Club at VAFB as well as volunteer at a Winery in the area.  A visit at her house (which unfortunately isn't that often since we live in different states) usually consists of us having a glass of wine=)  She got me hooked on Moscato years ago, love that stuff!  Anyhow, if she's reading my blog, she now knows what her card looks like, of now it is still sitting on Marc's kitchen table...I just can't seem to get the cards out in the mail on time, ugh.
My card is pretty simple and basic.  I colored her in the same way I did on my last post since I used the same paper and embellishments. 
We have 5 more days until we leave, but who's counting???  Enjoy the rest of your week!

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  1. You mean your supposed to "mail" the cards too? My motto is "better late than never". I'm loving your coloring with the prismas, not that I "need" another coloring medium though.

    Hope you enjoy your final days in Idaho and have a safe trip home.


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