Monday, February 4, 2013

Sayonora MSgt West-Toles...

I made this for one of my husbands co-workers who's getting stationed in Japan.  Her going away was Friday.  We had a nice BBQ at the squadron so we could all have our time to mingle and say our good-bye's to MSgt West-Toles.  I'm especially fond of MSgt West-Toles, she asked and asked to have my husband transfered to her side.  She always tells me what a brain he is and how much she counted on him to help her and that he really would be an asset on her side of the squadron.  Well, he was moved to her side 2 weeks ago, just as she's leaving.  She told me at her going away..."this is not how it was suppose to work, this is not how I had it all planned out!"  Haha.  She is such a fun lady...her upbeat personality and laugh will be missed.  This is the card that I made for her...

My card is super CAS.  I stamped the image from Dream Gardens onto BG Konnichiwa paper.  Lucky Limeade and Real Red Cardstock.  SU, Square Punch, Mandarin Twine and Buttons.  For my layout I used this weeks SC421.

Thank-you so much for stopping by!

Below is the "RAK/PIF Count Down to my 40th" if you're interested, please join in...

I apologize for not posting week #27 sooner, I had no internet on Thursday and a jam packed weekend.  Without further delay...

Week #27- Remember these are just suggestions, feel free to change them up.  These are just ideas to get you inspired to do random acts of kindness and pay it forward.  Please come back and share with me what you've done, I'd love that!  And thank-you so much for the emails to those of you who wished to not share publicly, that's ok too.  If you're my fb friend, you can share there if you prefer or both.  

Please pick one-

1.  Send a thinking of you card to someone undergoing chemo or who is a cancer survivor.
2.  Thank your mail carrier for their hard work.  I know our mail carrier deserves to be thanked between all the car part and craft supply packages he has to deliver to our house!
3.  Treat a friend or co-worker to breakfast or pay for someone's check at your favorite place to eat breakfast.
4.  Offer to help an elderly person put their groceries in their car or return someone's cart for them (thank-you Kat for the suggestion).

Keeping it short this week since there's only a couple days until I post next weeks RAK/PIF list.  If you have an idea or suggestion, please share, I'd be happy to post it!

Here's what I did last week-
- I made orange blondie brownies for my new neighbors to go with the card I had made for them a few days ago.  I didn't get to meet them though, their daughter was home so I left them with her.
-  I made a card and brought in a tin of tea to my yoga instuctor who's been sick. 
-  I encouraged a friend to keep up the great job she's doing losing weight.
-  I emailed my Commander's Wife and thanked her for motivating me and inspiring me to give yoga a try. 

RAK's/PIF that were done to me-
-  A young teen age boy looked me in the eye and clearly said, "thank-you" as I placed the divider down and pushed my groceries up to make more room for his.  I wasn't expecting him or his mom to say anything and was sure surprised by his kindness, especially at his age.
-  MSgt West-Toles...everytime I see her she always tells me how good she thinks I look and how put together I am.  I always appreciate her kind words and compliments on my appearance/outfits.
-  My  new neighbor brought over a really sweet thank you card and baked two kinds of cookies to thank me for welcoming them to the neighborhood.  I wasn't home, I was at pilates, lol!!!  I finally met them yesterday!

How did everyone else do???
I look forward to hearing from you!
Happy RAK'ing!

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  1. Oo! Oo! I got one! I was in the weight room of the gym on base and a woman approached me wanting to learn more about the machines because she wants to start using them but is intimidated by all the burly military men in there (I know what she means). So I showed her the machines and how they worked and we introduced ourselves in case we see each other again. Very fun! And some guy took my shopping cart back to it's place on Friday. It sure surprised me.


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