Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Denami Design in Tucson...

This weekend was the StampExpo in Tucson.  I look forward to it every year.  I've been blessed to help this wonderful company, Denami Design several times now at the Stamp Expo.  Denami Design is a home based company out of Kent, Washington.  Nami is the creator of the stamps and demo's during the show.  While Gary is more on the business side of things.  They travel a few weeks at a time with their two boys (Bryant and Evan) to the Expo's to show and sell their lovely stamps.  The boys are homeschooled and are such a big help to me at the shows.  They also have a daughter, Paulina who runs a blog for the company- Denami Design Blog, they have challenges a couple times a month, so please feel free to jump in and play along!  They are also on Facebook so make sure to "like" them=).  One of my favorite things about helping at the Denami Design Booth is that the ladies always compliment on how beautiful the projects are, how fabulous the display boards look and what a great job was done on them, how it is the best displayed booth at the show, how big of a help Nami and Gary's boys are and how polite they are, how they can spend hours and hours just looking at all the samples that were provided for them and how much they appreciate that they are allowed to take pictures so when they get home they remember what inspired them to buy that particular stamp=)  Plus Nami and Gary are super wonderful and sweet people, it really makes for an enjoyable time!  Once again I came home with tons of stamps (yay!), some glitter, ATG Gun refills (hopefully enough to last me a year!) and lots of buttons and ribbon!  And as always, I ended up owing Gary money for my time helping them, lol=) 
Wishing you safe travels Gary and Nami!  I hope you had a wonderful Anniversary yesterday! 
Have a fabulous day everyone!

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  1. YEAY! You're such a helpful enabler at the booth! :) I really enjoyed seeing you at the Boise show. *HUGS*


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