Friday, January 28, 2011

Welcome to Tucson Zindorf!

Michelle Zindorf is in Tucson this weekend teaching her brayering class at my house=)  She asked if I'd hold up a sign that said "Zindorf" so she could find me more easily at the airport.  So, I made this sign to hold when she flies in...I hope I did her proud, lol.  I am embarrassed to say I took Michelle's classes in Phoenix last year and have only brayered once since the class.  Let's see if my skills improved any or will I hear her say, "you gotta get it on the paper Tanya" haha!  I'm also embarrassed to say that I used my cricut for the first time making her sign...I've only had it for 2 years, lol. 
Have a fabulous weekend...I know I'm going to=)

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  1. Tanya, it is a marvelous sign. You go girl! No wonder MZ was amazed and appreciative of it. It might have been long and far in between your brayering episodes, but you still got it.


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