Sunday, September 26, 2010

Denami Design in Boise...

I hope this finds everyone doing well.  My internet access is limited while I'm in Idaho...and my stamping...well,  I'm having serious stamping withdrawals, lol.  I took a "me" day up to Boise to browse the local stamp and scrapbooking stores.  While I was in one of the stores I noticed a flyer for a stamp expo that was coming to town.  I asked  the store owner about it and she told me Denami Design will be there.  I was immediately excited about the expo!  I helped Nami and Gary at a stamp expo where I live.  I enjoyed it (and them) so much that I knew I wanted to help out if time permitted on my end and if Nami and Gary needed the help.  I was happy to hear they hadn't filled their show help yet=)  I worked all day both days and as always, I had such a good time.  The ladies just loved watching Nami do her demo's, she's so creative.  Paulina (Nami and Gary's daughter) made these beautiful poster boards (sorry, I just realized I didn't take pictures of them =( but they are in the distant back ground surrounding my head, lol).  The ladies LOVED the poster boards and how she had each section color coordinated.  They were complimented over and over again.  Paulina really did such a fabulous job and it showed!   Nami sold me on the ATG Gun!  That thing is AMAZING!!!  I've seen it before but I've never "seen" it be put to work...she gave me a full on demo of it and WOW!!!  I won't be buying glue dots, pop dots, ribbon glue, or double sided sticky tape anymore, thanks Nami!  I was able to get all the stamps that I was kicking myself for not getting at the last show and I picked up a few others that I fell in love with at this show.  Thank-you Nami and Gary for having me at the show, I can't wait until you're in my area again!  
Thank-you for stopping by, have a great week! 


  1. Glad to hear you had fun helping at the Expo. Hopefully it helped with some of your "Stamping withdrawal" but I know the grandsons make up for it.

    You are going to love the ATG gun, I bought one awhile back & don't know why I waited so long. Though I do still use glue dots for small stuff & pop dots for dimension I've saved a fortune on tape.

    Enjoy the rest of your time in Idaho and have a safe trip back.

  2. Tanya, I'm so glad you were able to help out at the show this weekend! My parents were so excited that you were willing to help! :)

    I agree, you are going to LOVE your ATG gun. I use mine all the time- can't imagine life without it.

    Thanks for the compliment on the boards- they were definitely a labor of love. Hope they inspired lots of ladies in Idaho!


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