Monday, September 6, 2010

Connor Michael

They say a mother's instinct is always right.  Well, mine sure was!  I planned on leaving for Idaho on Monday the 30th.  On the Friday prior I kept having a nagging feeling that I needed to leave sooner.  When I started to pack on Saturday (for 2 months) I just kept having this feeling of needing to leave sooner.  So, I called my BFF to ask if it was ok if I came a day earlier to stay with her on my way to Idaho.  She said, "sure" and asked did that mean I would be able to stay with her that extra day since I was leaving a day earlier.  I told her "no".  She asked, "how come".  I said, "Connor's talking to me, he's telling me I need to get there."  So, I left on Sunday the 29th instead of Monday the 30th. 
I arrived about 8:30 pm on the 30th.  Greeted my daughter, grandson Wylie and daughter's friends who were outside waiting as I pulled up.  I was really tired after the 11 hour drive and no sleep (ok 3 hours) the night before due to staying up late with my BFF and the excitement of seeing my daughter and grandson.  We didn't visit with her friends but just a minute.  I grabbed my suitcase from the trunk and brought it inside, it had clothes for Wylie and Connor that I wanted to show Mikaela.  We sat down and unzipped the suitcase.  Wylie was having fun flinging his clothes around=)  After I finished showing my daughter Connor's stuff, she says, "um".  I said, "what?". I get another "um..."  Again I say, "what?"...then..."oh my god, did your water just break?!?!?!"  Sure enough it did!  I was there a whole 5-10 minutes.  Absolutely crazy!
So, we get MY bag packed, lol...get Wylie off to a sisters and her BFF Jessi follows us to base.  We signed her in at 10:15pm.  She immediately asked for an epidural since they waited so long to give her one with Wylie.  They have procedures they have to follow, like taking blood and making sure you clot prior to calling the dr and anesthesiologist???  Hmmm, well, those results take about 45 mins to an hour.  When they came in again I mentioned that maybe things we're going a little fast, she's had 3 contractions in 5 mins?  Yah, they kinda just gave us the oh it's ok, all is good response.  Then my daughter asked to be checked again and when the nurse checked her she says, "oh my gosh, you are changing, um, yah, need to get things rolling here."  Mikaela went from 3cm to 5cm in 40 minutes. 
Eventually the dr. arrived, he gave her some meds to take the edge off.  The anesthesiologist arrived not so long after for her epidural.  He got her all taped up and we were to switch rooms.  I picked up my bag and took it to the next room where she'd give birth.  When I came out, Jessi was coming in and said, "he's coming, he's coming now"...   "what, are you kidding me?!?!?"  Nope...  Next thing I know the two nurses and dr were in the room frantically trying to get the bed taken apart for delivery, Mikaela had started pushing before the dr was masked and had his gloves on...two other nurses came in the room to tend to baby once he arrived.  Mikaela pushed once more and Connor Michael 1am on 8/31 weighing 6lbs 3oz 19in long.  Mikaela went from 5cm to delivery in another 40 minutes.  He was born 4.5 hours after I pulled up to her apartment.  I just knew he was going to arrive early but had no idea how thankful I was going to be for leaving a day early and relying on that mother's instinct!
Mikaela and Connor are both doing great.  Wylie is adjusting well to being a big brother.  I can't wait for my hubs to come up here and meet his newest grandson! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful week and enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Again, Congrats on the new little one. No matter what anyone says, "A mom always knows".

  2. Tanya! So glad you followed your gut feeling. Never lets us down, does it? And I am SO THANKFUL you were there and that all went well! Love ya, and hugs to all!


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